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PRE-ORDER Essays on early-stage startup growth - ebook
My 2nd book [TBA] essays on early-stage startup growth will be available as an ebook to enjoy soon.Almost 3 years ago I joined VC after working in multiple startups as a founder or operator. I spent 2.5 years in portfolio development implementing my ...
Pre-order my upcoming book Essays on early-stage startup growth (ebook).
Kasvuhakkerointikirja: Kasvuhakkeroi tai kuole
Kasvuhakkerointikirjani on kattava kooste siitä mitä olen oppinut siiloriippumattomasta kasvuhakkeroinnista, sen merkityksestä ja paikasta organisaatiossa, sekä runsaasti käytännönläheisiä vinkkejä. Tilaa nyt!
Jo yli 1000 myytyä kirjaa! Kasvuhakkeroi tai kuole on ensimmäinen suomenkielinen kirja kasvuhakkeroinnista. Saatavilla kirjana tai e-kirjana.


This is zero2seed, a newsletter about startup tips and inspiration (growth, marketing, sales, product, fundraising) for early-stage startup founders. I’m a pre-seed VC investor, growth operator, startup growth advisor, and keynote speaker. Click to read zero2seed, by Mari Luukkainen, a Substack pub…
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Growth Hacking Internship - 8 weeks video course
This is an online course during which we dive into my Growth Hacking Internship as a 8 weeks video course which you can now learn anywhere, anytime!

Digital products

Personal Brand Content Machine
I’ve grown an early-stage startup from
Growth Leader’s First 30 Days (Get Started Guide)
Are you looking for a way to drive growth for your business? Look no further than this First 30-day template for growth leaders!This comprehensive template provides you with a guide, checklist, and reporting templates you need to successfully lead gr...


Guide to Growth Hacking
Download a free quick start guide to growth hacking = systematic testing process.
Kasvuhakkeroinnin pikaopas
Lataa ilmainen 19-sivuinen pikaopas kasvuhakkeroinnista eli systemaattisesta testausprosessista.
Free Growth Hacking Dashboard
Use the same Spreadsheet dashboard the most successful early stage startups in Nordics are using. Completely free!

Free guides

Strategic Growth Hacking Operating System
Get started with cross-functional growth hacking used in hundreds of startups in Nordics and Baltics.
Get started with Strategic Growth Hacking Operating System
A process guide for Strategic Growth Hacking Operating System and Growth Dashboard by Mari Luukkainen.
Strategisen kasvuhakkeroinnin metodi
Opas siiloriippumattoman kasvuhakkeroinnin aloittamiseen. Metodi on käytössä sadoissa startupeissa Pohjoismaissa ja Baltiassa.
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