As part of my journey to solve growth bottlenecks of early-stage startups, I'm experimenting an amount of different services. Most of the services are in pilot mode, so the content and price are negotiable. To deliver the resources I'm using various combination of my alumni network and agency.

Supercharge your in-house - [BETA]

  • 90 days growth plan from my templates tailored to your in-house
  • Goal setting session -> Documented plan template -> monthly checkups
  • 90 days growth program with an in-house growth person
  • Contact me +358401710101 at WhatsApp or
Growth Leader’s First 30 Days (Get Started Guide)
Are you looking for a way to drive growth for your business? Look no further than this First 30-day template for growth leaders!This comprehensive template provides you with a guide, checklist, and reporting templates you need to successfully lead gr...
Get started already with my digital product.

Audit - [BETA]

  • To find out what's wrong
  • Content is tailored case-by-case to dig deeper where's the bottleneck
  • 1-2 days intensive audit
  • Contact me +358401710101 at WhatsApp or

Headhunting - [BETA]

  • Headhunting a perfect candidate from Herizon's talent pool
  • We also look for people for other roles than marketing and growth (sales, recruiting...)
  • Success fee
  • Contact me +358401710101 at WhatsApp or

Alumni project - [BETA]

  • Group of Herizon's alumni work with specific growth bottleneck for 3-6 months
  • Great for complex bottlenecks with a need of various talent
  • Contact me +358401710101 at WhatsApp or

Keynotes and training

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