Templates: Streamline your strategies and achieve sustainable growth

The templates section is a collection of Notion and Spreadsheet templates designed to help individuals, teams, or companies to streamline their growth hacking strategies and achieve sustainable growth. The templates include tools for generating growth hacking ideas, creating roadmaps and action plans, tracking experiments and results, and more. Whether you're new to growth hacking or a seasoned pro, our templates will help you save time, increase efficiency, and achieve your growth goals.

Premium templates

Growth Hacking Experiment Tracker - Notion Template
Are you tired of managing your growth hacking experiments in spreadsheets, notes, and emails? Do you struggle to keep track of the progress, results, and insights of each experiment? If so, the “Growth Hacking Experiment Tracker” template is for you.The Growth Hacking Experiment Tracker is a Notion…
With the Growth Hacking Experiment Tracker template, you can streamline your growth hacking experiments, increase efficiency, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.
Growth Hacking Ideas - Notion Template
Discover cutting-edge strategies to elevate your business growth and outpace the competition with the Growth Hacking Ideas Notion template. This dynamic tool streamlines your growth initiatives, enabling you to efficiently manage and prioritize your ideas in one central hub.Tailored for growth marke…
With the Growth Hacking Ideas template, you can generate and organize your growth hacking ideas in one central location, increase your efficiency, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.

Free templates

Free Growth Hacking Dashboard
Use the same Spreadsheet dashboard the most successful early stage startups in Nordics are using. Completely free!
Problem-Solution Navigator: A Mom Test-Based Interview Template for Startups
Free Notion template that guides startups through the process of conducting unbiased, problem-focused customer interviews by following “The Mom Test” principles, helping them refine their problem/solution fit and better address their target audience’s needs.
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