Keynote speaker - Mari Luukkainen

As a keynote speaker for startups and startup events, I bring a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge to the stage. With a focus on innovation, growth, and entrepreneurial spirit, my speeches inspire and educate audiences on what it takes to launch and grow a successful startup.

Drawing on my extensive experience (over 10 years) in the startup world, I share real-life stories, lessons learned, and practical strategies for overcoming challenges and driving success. Whether I'm speaking to a room full of entrepreneurs, investors, or business leaders, you have a gift for engaging your audience and making complex ideas accessible and actionable.

I've a dynamic speaking style (I enjoy drawing to whiteboard while I speak to keep the audience engaged), engaging anecdotes, and thought-provoking insights, my keynote speeches are both entertaining and educational. My passion for startups is contagious, and your audiences leave inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools you need to succeed in you own ventures or career.

For anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the startup world, my keynote speeches are a must-see. Book you today to bring a fresh and exciting perspective to your next event!

Topics include entrepreneurship, startups, startup funding, and specific marketing topics such as growth hacking and SEO.

I've held keynotes for over 1000+ different startups and scaleups mainly from Nordics and Baltics, bigger companies, startup accelerators, and other organizations such as Kiuas, TechChill, Nordic ScaleUp Academy, Boardman Grow, and Founder Institute.

What people have said

Mari was very precise and to the point with her advice, concerning our current situation and how to go forward. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and loved her approach to growth hacking.

Her deep dive session provided concrete solutions to the questions asked throughout the session. It was a good presentation overall when it came to her format; clear presentation; important and useful topic. We will probably adopt heavily from this in our sales/marketing approach. Happy that she gave the space for comments and questions.

Mari’s session was very concise and practical. The advice came from years of hands-on experience. Plenty of insight on metrics and what to look out and I liked Mari's passion for growth hacking.

👉 Contact me

The usual structure is 45 minutes of whiteboard presentation white 30 minutes for discussion for €1500+VAT.

  • Scaling a cleaning company from 700K€ to 13M€ in 2 years
  • Sustainability trends in investing and building a startup
  • Improving diversity
  • Career story (from a small town to a global VC firm)
  • Building a brand with profitable growth marketing
  • How to get funded for Pre-Seed, Seed or Series A stage startups
  • Acquiring your first clients as a Pre-Seed startup
  • Building a cross-functional growth team
  • Getting started with your cross-functional growth team
  • Growth hacking: why and how?
  • Growth hacking for B2B companies
  • Growth hacking for B2C companies
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