Mari Luukkainen

I help early-stage startups to implement a cross-functional growth framework by teaching my Strategic Growth Hacking method.

  1. Training - Path from Growth Hacking Internship to Head of Growth.
  2. Implementation - CEO, board and investor training and reporting processes.
  3. Development - Processes, reporting methods and a community to systematically maintain the growth culture in a startup from zero to seed and above.

I’m a self-taught human-centric growth tech nerd who started at age 12 when I received my first affiliate marketing commission from my Fallout 2 game fan page.

During my professional 20+ years I’ve been involved in growth of hundreds of clients and own projects for over 10 years in affiliate marketing and another 10 years in developing companies as a consultant or an in-house at startups and a VC firm. My sweet spot is early-stage: zero to seed/series A.

I’ve found my happy place at the iterative and constant growing world of global tech startups such as Freska, Paxful, Yousician, and now a 140M€ early-stage VC firm with 90+ early-stage companies in Nordics and Baltics while operating as a growth advisor at my growth hacking agency Truly and training growth hacking to immigrant women at my non-profit Herizon.

If you wish to use trendy terms like growth hacking, it was my pleasant hobby back in the end of 90s and still is. ❤️

My mission is to use my skills to help startups that actually wish to make things better and be good companies for the people. I believe in Nordic values of work-life balance and equality at work.


  • Scaled multiple companies from under a 1M€ ARR to over 10M€ ARR in 2-3 years.
  • Raised funds from 50k€ angel rounds to 30M€ in ETH in ICO, and seed and A rounds between 1M€ to 15M€ in FIAT.
  • Built scalable go-to-market models for almost every continent combining online and offline acquisition mix.
  • Had uncountable amount of 1on1s with hundreds startup CEOs from companies between 1M€ to 100M€ ARR about growth models implementation.
  • Created 1000+ meaningful jobs for people (especially for women, immigrants and minorities).


  • I build and train growth teams in a 140M€ early-stage venture capital firm called
  • I'm a partner and advisor of a growth hacking as a service agency Truly.
  • I'm a keynote speaker, early-stage startup growth advisor and angel investor.
  • I run a community of 100+ alumni of my growth hacking internship and other growth professionals to learn together.
  • I run Growth Hacking Internship which has helped to train and employ 100+ immigrant women at my non-profit Herizon.

I'm the most active on LinkedIn. Other ways to contact me you can find here. To get an alert when I write something new, you can simply subscribe.

Check Press Kit if I'm already booked somewhere.

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