Ever thought you could excel in SEO without spending a dime? Since 1998, I've been using a €0 SEO strategy across various projects like Venuu, Yousician, and Freska, and it still works wonders.

Worked in 1998 Altavista, works still in 2024 Google.

Starting small, gaining big

Take my recent pet project. Six months ago, I began with basic prospecting articles. This was the start of organic growth. By shifting from Webflow to WordPress in November, I managed to add a multitude of landing pages. During Christmas, I introduced targeted local landing pages, leading to a swift first conversion, even outpacing Freska.

This approach is built on AI-driven content production, bypassing usual strategies like SEM or link building. While Freska and Venuu had budgeted for links and SEM, and Yousician relied on YouTube ads, this method is still perfect for startups with no marketing budget.

Two strategies for maximum impact

  1. Long tail prospecting keywords: Targeting less competitive keywords that can quickly secure top positions and draw traffic. These are the stepping stones to later tackling more competitive keywords.
  2. Niche purchase intent keywords: Focused on specific, less trafficked but conversion-ready markets. These are often tied to particular locations or niches.

In this case, publishing 250 pages was key, highlighting the importance of both content quantity and smart keyword selection.

The importance of just starting

Many businesses hesitate to even create their first page, worrying too much about content quality. But here's the twist: quality is secondary to traffic. Once you start attracting visitors, you can then refine your content for better conversion rates.

While methods like paid traffic, PR, and targeted link building can enhance your SEO, starting with just content can also lead to tangible sales.

My €0 SEO strategy: Proven success since 1998

This €0 SEO strategy shows that with the right approach and a focus on content, even startups can gain significant market traction without financial investment.