You might remember me from January's article "How 100 hours of Baldur's Gate 3 unlocks the secrets of growth hacking."

Yes, I'm still playing Baldur's Gate 3 since it's the greatest game ever made after Fallout 2 - might even be better.

Anyway, for Valentine's Day week I've something special for you: here's a look at what each companion can teach us about mastering the art of business growth.

Astarion – The master of stealth and market research

Astarion, the vampire rogue, teaches us about the importance of stealth in market research. Just like his undercover approaches, understanding your market without alerting competitors can give you a strategic advantage in growth hacking.

Lesson: Conduct market research discreetly to gain insights without tipping off competitors. Use tools like social listening and competitor analysis to understand market trends and customer preferences.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: multiclass him to gloom stalker assassin for enhanced stealth and attack bonuses in darkness.

Lae'zel – Embracing bold strategies

The githyanki warrior Lae'zel shows us the power of boldness. Her fearless approach in battle translates into taking calculated risks in growth hacking, breaking into new markets, or launching innovative campaigns.

Lesson: When entering a new market, sometimes a bold approach can make a big splash. Don't be afraid to disrupt the status quo with innovative products or marketing strategies that challenge traditional norms.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: prioritize battle master and great weapons master for combat versatility.

Shadowheart – Analytics and data protection

Shadowheart, the secretive cleric, highlights the importance of protecting your data and utilizing analytics. In growth hacking, keeping your strategies and data analysis confidential is key to maintaining a competitive edge.

Lesson: In growth hacking, gatekeeping your data and strategies is crucial. Use data encryption and limit access to sensitive information to prevent leaks. Regularly update your methods based on the latest data, keeping your tactics flexible yet confidential.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: don't just focus on healing and protection - cast some spirit guardians and jump around.

Gale – Efficient resource management

Gale, the wizard, exemplifies efficient resource management. His careful allocation of spell slots is akin to the strategic use of limited resources in growth hacking, ensuring maximum impact for every marketing effort.

Lesson: Gale's judicious use of spell slots mirrors the need for efficient budget management in growth hacking. Allocate your marketing budget strategically, investing more in high-performing channels and cutting back on underperforming initiatives.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: focus on evocation spells, and consider a warlock dip for eldritch blasts and invocations.

Wyll – The art of storytelling in branding

Wyll's flair for storytelling and desire for heroism parallels the need for compelling narratives in brand storytelling. A well-crafted brand story can resonate deeply with your audience, much like Wyll's tales of heroism.

Lesson: Create engaging stories around your brand that connect with your audience on an emotional level, making your brand memorable and relatable (even if it isn't that real, like in Wyll's case).

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: focus on warlock progression or multiclass with sorcerer for extra spellcasting flexibility... or just use this guy to gain Jack-of-all-Trades by multiclassing him to every class since he only idles in the camp anyway.

Karlach – Adaptability in adverse situations

Karlach, the resilient tiefling, is a symbol of adaptability, particularly in challenging situations. Her flexibility is crucial in growth hacking, where market conditions can change rapidly, and strategies must be adjusted accordingly.

Lesson: Understand your need for agility in growth. Be ready to adjust your strategies in response to market feedback, staying flexible and responsive to changes.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: multiclass to fighter for action surge and throw enemies around as I throw her into a romance on every single run.

Halsin – Visionary leadership

Halsin, the shapeshifting druid, represents visionary leadership and strategic thinking. His ability to guide and inspire parallels the leadership needed in growth hacking to steer strategies toward success.

Lesson: Guide your team with a clear strategy and encourage a culture of innovation and experimentation.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: wild shape for versatility in combat and use his druidic spells for control and support.

Minthara – Opportunistic tactics and agility

Minthara, a calculating and ambitious drow, demonstrates the importance of opportunistic tactics and agility. In growth hacking, seizing opportunities quickly and adapting to new information can lead to significant breakthroughs.

Lesson: Be alert to and quickly capitalize on new market opportunities. Stay abreast of industry trends and consumer behaviors to identify and leverage emerging opportunities.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: leverage her paladin abilities for both offense and dark utility​ and multiclass to fighter for action surge benefits.

Minsc – Unconventional approaches

Minsc, a legendary ranger, known for his eccentricity, symbolizes the effectiveness of bold and unconventional tactics in growth hacking. His adventurous spirit encourages marketers to think creatively and embrace risk, leading to innovative strategies that capture attention and differentiate them from competitors.

Lesson: Think outside traditional boundaries, experiment with new platforms or unconventional tactics, and don't be afraid to take calculated risks to stand out in the market.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: gloom stalker to excel in stealth, darkness, and ambushing enemies.

Jaheira – Balance and sustainability

Jaheira, a balanced druid, with a deep connection to nature and balance, represents the importance of sustainable and ethical approaches in growth hacking. Her philosophy reminds us to pursue growth strategies that are not only effective but also responsible, ensuring long-term success and harmony with the broader community and environment.

Lesson: Focus on strategies that build brand trust and loyalty over time, ensuring that your growth efforts are not only effective but also align with ethical standards and contribute to sustainable business growth.

BG3 lesson you didn't ask: transform into beasts using wild shape for high damage while still being able to cast spells.

As our quest through Baldur's Gate comes to a close, we realize that the realms of fantasy aren't just for epic battles and spellcasting. Turns out our favorite companions were undercover growth hacking gurus all along. So next time you're planning a growth strategy, just ask yourself: What would Withers do? And maybe keep the fireballs to a minimum in the boardroom - especially if your intelligence is low as all the God's favorite princesses knows.

What companions of Baldur's Gate 3 can teach you about growth hacking

What each Baldur's Gate 3 companion can teach us about mastering the art of business growth.