Growth Hacking Internship

When I started at in 2019, I realized it would make a major difference if I was able to build a cross-functional growth team in every single one of our portfolio companies.

However there weren't really experienced cross-functional growth teams in Nordics and Baltics.

Therefore I decided to train them myself.

Since then I've trained 100+ individuals from various backgrounds to run systematic test iteration processes (cross-functional growth hacking) in early-stage startups to accelerate learnings and implement growth culture in the company from the very beginning.

Most of these individuals are now working in 100+ early-stage startups of the ecosystem in growth, marketing or operations functions.

With over 90% of hiring rate, the program is also validated to be one of most effective ways to employ educated immigrants that have struggled finding a job in Nordics/Baltics without knowing the local language and having a professional network.

In 2022 I founded a non-profit association to scale the program. Apply as a company or as an intern by clicking the link below.

(If you want to learn the content instead of taking internship, it's available as a 8-weeks video course.)

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