Making your non-systematic ecommerce growth more systematic

Let's get you from the scenario on the left to scenario of your dreams on the right.

During this session I'll dig into how Virtasenkauppa doubled its revenue in one year with a model we've been replicating with other ecommerce clients as well.‍

This webinar is for you if‍

  • You're in the stressful limbo of coming up with interesting campaigns every single week because otherwise nothing happens
  • Your annual ecommerce revenue has been stuck for too long time and you don't seem to find a way to change it
  • Your company's revenue is somewhere between 0 € to 100 billion €‍

Key takeaways

Google and Facebook with their Shopping features and retargeting is usually a good baseline for advertising you don't need to modify that much. Make sure to focus on SEO as well. Organic visibility takes the pressure off from paid activities.

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