Transformation from a sales driven B2B to inbound driven growth

"We got to 1M€ ARR by doing outbound sales and now want to test inbound."
Say no more!

Activating inbound to support the already thriving sales function generated more than 1M€ more PROFIT to RPT Docu. This is a playbook replicated to multiple other originally sales driven B2B SaaS companies since 2016: works for any industry or geo-location!

In this webinar recording I describe how that playbook works so you can try it out for your own B2B SaaS.

Interested in going full PLG? I got you! This lead magnet model is also a natural first step before figuring out what could be your freemium feature or potential model for Product Led Growth.

This webinar recording is for you if

  • You want to introduce inbound to your Sales Driven B2B company
  • Your company's revenue is somewhere between 0 € to 100 billion €
  • You may even identify yourself as PLG-curious

Key takeaways

Marketing mix is a downloadable lead magnet with advertising on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and AdRoll's retargeting.

Sales needs to work really well and collaborate actively with marketing to identify the killer content. RPT Docu's case is a great example.

Tricky part is to figure out the optimal way of communicating your value in a scalable way and find the individuals who get the most value out of it.

Get started with the iterations by reading my guide of Get started with Strategic Growth Hacking.

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