Ultimate guide to growth hacking for SaaS (2021)

In this day and age, “slow and steady” doesn’t actually win the race — at least not if you’re aiming to build a successful SaaS company.

On the bright side, the SaaS industry is in extremely rude health — by the end of 2021, a staggering 99% of companies from all sectors will be relying on some kind of SaaS solution.

From a niche solution that the SaaS model was viewed two decades ago, the industry has grown into a type of service provider that companies need as much as basic utilities like water and electricity.

That means there’s a lot of opportunity for growth — but the other side of that coin is a huge amount of competition.

Even back in 2017 — which is, in IT terms, ancient history — the average SaaS company had more than 9 niche competitors in its first year.

For every great idea you have, there are almost a dozen other companies trying to do the same thing. And more likely than not, some of them can do at least as good a job as you in executing it.

So, how do you fight your way through this shark tank?

There’s only one solution — rapid growth. And that’s why we’re here with the best growth hacking tips for SaaS companies in 2021.

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