Growth hacking pitfalls - reasons behind "GH doesn't work for us"

‍"Yeah we tried growth hacking for like 2 weeks and didn't get any results - it just doesn't work for us!" - said anonymous CEO of a startup with stable 1M€ ARR for the last 3 years with no sign of growth and therefore no sign of a next funding round...

Well, I got news for you: growth hacking works for every single company at any stage IF you don't step into these common pitfalls.

This webinar is for you if‍

  • You absolutely love growth hacking and want to get couple of fail stories to gossip with
  • You absolutely hate growth hacking because "it didn't work for you"
  • Your company's revenue is somewhere between 0 € to 100 billion € ‍

Key takeaways

This list.

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